The NeoMutt Project

“Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks”


What is it?
NeoMutt is a command line mail reader (or MUA). It's a fork of Mutt with added features. Read more...
The NeoMutt project is hoping to kick-start development on the Mutt project.
NeoMutt has already attracted about twenty developers and enthusiasts.
What have you achieved, so far?
Lots of old Mutt patches have been brought up-to-date, tidied and documented.
Notably, the Sidebar patch has now been adopted by upstream Mutt. Read more...
How can I try it out?
NeoMutt is available to download for various distros:

I need help

Oh, sorry to hear that. If you are a GitHub user, you can raise a Website issue or a NeoMutt code issue.

Alternatively, you can join the NeoMutt IRC channel: irc:// (read about some useful commands), or contact the lead developer, Richard Russon <>

I want to help NeoMutt

Brilliant. There are lots of ways you can contribute to the NeoMutt project. Whatever your skills, or time available, you can help.

  • Are you an experienced programmer? Do you want a challenge? Please have a look at collection of hard problems
  • You don't have much experience? You are not an experienced programmer? Or, you just don't know how to write C? Then, please have a look at our Newbie Tutorial. However, you can still try one of the hard problems later, if you want. Remember, the question is not how much experience you have. Its how much you want to learn.

Whatever your skills, however much time you can spare, you can make a difference.


We have a Twitter Feed @NeoMutt_Org.

Mailing lists

We have two public mailing lists:

NeoMutt Users' Mailing List
Discuss your favourite features, share experiences, swap config files, ask for help... Subscribe
NeoMutt Developers' Mailing List
Listen in to the developers, propose new features, offer help... Subscribe

IRC – irc://

We now have a presence on IRC. To become familar with IRC read about useful commands. Come, say hello! Please note, that we're a small group. Therefore, answers might take some time.

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