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Please get involved

I need help

Oh, sorry to hear that. If you are a GitHub user, you can raise a Website issue or a NeoMutt code issue.

Alternatively, you can join the NeoMutt IRC channel: irc://, or contact the lead developer, Richard Russon <>

I want to help NeoMutt

Brilliant. There are lots of ways you can contribute to the NeoMutt project. Whatever your skills, or time available, you can help. Have a look through the list below, pick something you'd like to do and contact Richard Russon <>


Fix and improve Mutt

Do you want to fix Mutt?
Do you want to add new features to Mutt?

Easy Coding Tasks now available:

Whatever your level of skill, NeoMutt has got a task for you. There are lots of simple jobs (to get you familiar with the code) and lots of hard jobs to get you thinking.

Alternatively, you could add a new feature to Mutt. There are many great Mutt patches that have been neglected. They need to be brought up-to-date and merged into Mutt.

Over its twenty year life, Mutt has gathered 84,000 lines of code and a lot of cruft (messy code and bad habits). It's time to sort out the mess and make Mutt robust.


Help Everyone to Understand Mutt

The Mutt guide reads like an encyclopaedia. Everything you want to know is in there somewhere, but generally you have to know what you're looking for.

Mutt needs a simple introduction with pictures. The guide should explain how to perform simple tasks (just the basics to get a user started). The simple guide can list some more advanced features of Mutt, but leave a full explanation to the main manual.

The Mutt program has been translated into 30 languages, but some of the translations are out-of-date.

Web Design

Make the NeoMutt project Look Good

This website was created by a programmer – it shows. If you think you could do a better job, prove it.

The site contains information from quite a lot of sources. Most of it has been pulled together by hand. These processes need to be automated to reduce effort.


Help NeoMutt reach a wider audience.

The NeoMutt project has a GitHub organisation and a website

These are useful and practical, but in order to reach a wider audience we probably need a Twitter and Facebook presence.


I bet you can't break it

NeoMutt already contains lots of features that Mutt doesn't have. These features were often only available as patches which meant that they didn't get much testing.

Do you know to to use automatic testing tools? What tools exist to test text-only programs like Mutt? How easy is it to set up tests? What are these tools capable of?

If you find a bug in NeoMutt, please report it: NeoMutt issue.


What is Mutt missing?

Even if you don't have any technical skills, you can probably help here. As a mail client, Mutt is missing many features common to modern programs. Help compile a list of features that Mutt is missing; help guide development.


Packages will bring NeoMutt to a wider audience

NeoMutt is currently only available as source code / patches. NeoMutt is a small project and creating and maintaining binary packages takes time.

We need someone to create binary packages of NeoMutt. A good way to do this would be to set up a Debian PPA or Fedora COPR.

Automatic packaging, and release, would mean more users, more testing and better quality.


Help others to help NeoMutt

Mutt has very few developers. This won't change until the Mutt community becomes more welcoming to new developers.

Do you know Mutt well? Do you want to encourage others to help?

Richard Russon has compiled a list of simple coding tasks. Each task will improve the state of the Mutt code and help to get new developers familiar with Mutt.

The job of the mentor will be to:

  1. Answer the new coder's questions about Mutt
  2. Check the work
  3. Help get the code accepted into Mutt